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Reschedule, pause and cancellation policy
Reschedule, pause and cancellation policy
Written by David Sorrenson
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Our reschedule and cancellation policy is designed to give customers maximum flexibility, while also fairly treating our tutors and respecting their time.

Rescheduling a lesson

One of the biggest factors to success is consistency of lessons. However, we know that from time to time a lesson may need to be moved or rescheduled.

We provide two options to ensure you can stay flexible, while also keeping up to date with your learning.

  • Complete the lesson at a later date. This can be at any time in the subsequent 30 days.

  • Split the missed time over future lessons.

We require 24 hours notice to reschedule a lesson. This is to provide tutors with a fair amount of time to adjust their schedule.

If your tutor is unwell, they will reschedule the lesson to the next available time so that lesson time is not missed.

See here for steps on how to reschedule.

If you would prefer to miss lessons altogether for an extended period of time, please process a pause (see policy below)

Pausing your service

We require 5 days notice to pause your service (from the first lesson to not go ahead). Pause requests should be made through the portal.

Cancelling an individual lesson

If you need to cancel an individual lesson and are within the 5 day notice window for pausing your service, you will not be refunded for that lesson so we recommend rescheduling the individual lesson instead.

Cancelling your service

We require 5 days notice to cancel your weekly individual lessons or group lessons service. Tutors spend time preparing for lessons, so need to know that this time won't be lost. Please note that if you are on a prepaid package, any unused lesson credits will not be refunded, so it's a good idea to set your cancellation date to correspond with the end of your billing period. Any lessons that need to be rescheduled should be caught up prior to your final lesson at LearnEd. If you need help rescheduling lessons you can do this through the portal or by contacting your tutor.

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