Pausing my lessons
Written by David Sorrenson
Updated over a week ago

NOTE: Before pausing, consider if you would prefer to reschedule lessons. This way no learning is lost

Please ensure you give at least 5 days notice before starting a pause, as laid out in our pause and cancellation policy

Pause instructions

1. Login to the parent portal

  • Ensure you use the same email you receive your LearnEd communications from

2. Navigate to the Schedule section

  • Click schedule in the menu

  • Scroll to weekly schedule

  • You will see options to update, edit your weekly schedule, pause or cancel your plan

  • Once you submit the form, the system will process your request and send you and your tutor a confirmation via e-mail

Note: Lessons during the pause period will be cancelled and you will not be charged. If you would like to extend your pause, you can submit another pause request. If you'd like to resume lessons whilst you're on a pause please contact the LearnEd support team to make the change for you

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