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Reschedule a single lesson
Reschedule a single lesson
Written by David Sorrenson
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Note: Please ensure you provide at least 24 hours notice before rescheduling a lesson, as per our reschedule policy.

1. Login to the portal

  • If it's your first time signing up, select "Create Account"

  • Ensure you use the same email you receive your LearnEd communications from when creating your account to ensure your records are linked by our system

2. Navigate to "Upcoming Sessions" and Select Reschedule

  • Here you will see all upcoming lessons for the next 3-4 weeks

  • Select "Reschedule"

  • Enter your preferred time to reschedule


Note: once you request a reschedule, the tutor will be notified of your preferred time and will reschedule. If that time does not work, they will reach out and organise a time that does

Note: If you would like to cancel more than a week's worth of lessons, process a pause instead. Please note that some plans have limits on the amount of pauses that can be requested within a 12 month period

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