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Joining a lesson
Joining a lesson
Written by David Sorrenson
Updated over a week ago

LearnEd has an innovative digital classroom that lets students and tutors create a unique space to learn and collaborate in.

Every tutor-student combination has a unique link to join. This digital learning space is persistent, meaning that the link is the same every week, and content posted one week will be there the next. Only you and the tutor have access to this space.

Finding your lesson link to join your lesson

1. Login to the portal

  • If it's your first time signing up, select "Create Account"

  • Ensure you use the same email you receive your LearnEd communications from

2. Navigate to "Upcoming Sessions"

  • Here you will see all upcoming lessons for the next 1-2 weeks

  • Select "Enter Lesson"

  • This will open up the virtual classroom

    • Please ensure you are not using Safari. If it opens automatically in Safari, copy the URL and paste it into another browser

    • Are you having issues with the virtual classroom? Head to this article to see common solutions

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