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Please see below some of our commonly asked questions. If you have other questions, please refer to our help centre

Are you online or in-person?

All our lessons are conducted online in our innovative virtual classroom. The classroom is persistent lesson to lesson, so all your notes and tips will stay there. Plus you'll have immediate access to all lesson recordings and rescheduling is quick and easy.

Who do you employ as tutors?

We hire tutors of all types. Broadly speaking, they fall into one of three categories: university students with high ATARs and exceptional teaching skills; qualified teachers; and experienced tutors with a record of success.

We hold a very high standard in who we hire. Our tutors are all interviewed and vetted, and have full Working With Children Checks.

Do you give homework?

Yes. Homework is an important part of solidifying learning between lessons. Tutors will assign homework between lessons, depending on the student's age, level and upcoming tests/assignments.

Do you follow a set lesson plan?

We provide guidance to our tutors, but ultimately they will adjust their lesson plans based on each student's level and progress. This means that you get a personalised program, while still ensuring quality. Our tutors are guided by the curriculum.

How flexible are your tutors? Can I do extra lessons? Can I change times if needed?

Our tutoring is highly flexible and can accommodate your schedule. You can add lessons at any time. You can also reschedule any lesson with 24 hours notice. This is done through our convenient parent portal. Rescheduled lessons should be caught up within 30 days.

Is it possible to do 2 half hour lessons per week?

Yes, this is possible, particularly for younger students. Please let us know this preference during the sign-up process.

Can I communicate with the tutor between lessons if necessary?

Yes. You will have their contact details. Rescheduling is done through our parent portal at https://portal.learned.au

Will I get lots of different tutors or mostly the same one?

You will have the same tutor every week. If you have multiple subjects you may have multiple tutors. In limited circumstances we may need to reallocate you to another tutor (this is typically because the tutor decides to stop tutoring). We can also change your tutor at your request if you feel like it isn't the right fit.

Can I do online tutoring with a noisy background?

We recommend finding a quiet spot so that the student can remain focused on the lesson.

If I pay for the 10 weekly package, can I get a refund?

When you pay for a 10 weekly package, those credits are not refundable. However you can use them across any tutor, subject or student. If you are not sure about committing for a longer time period, we recommend a weekly package.

Can I pay by bank transfer rather than credit card?

Yes. All details are encrypted and stored securely.

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